Monday, January 31, 2011

Spiked Heart

Image via Kat Von D's Wonderland Gallery Facebook Page

So, originally today's post was going to feature the outfit I wore out over the weekend while catching up with my ladies.  Unfortunately I never got a chance to take any photos. (I suck)  I will be recreating the look so I can take pictures to share with you, because I loved it, and it featured the Aldo Spaziano shoes I've been gushing over forever (how annoying am I?), and because I was told I could have been in an early Melrose Place episode, haha!  Oh I just love my ladies.

In the meantime, I came across this Spike Hearts Necklace by Gasoline Glamour and am completely enamored.  I mean really though, how freaking fabulous is this piece??  And this is just one of the many amazing pieces they have to offer...definitely going to be dreaming about these pieces for awhile.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Outfit Post: Tights Now Included

Tights from Commando

A few days ago I posted about transitioning your favorite spring dress into winter without wearing tights.  Well, this time I am doing it a different way, you guessed it...I'm wearing tights. (duh)

A quick back story (as if you care), while I was doing my new year cleaning I came across these tights that were a gift at a tradeshow (when they were first released) from Commando when I still had my boutique.

I decided to give them a try because I really wanted to wear this dress with these shoes, and it was a must to have something to cover my legs.  I am so happy I gave them a shot.  They are by far the most comfortable tights I've ever worn.  The top is made of their signature fabric and came up to about my bellybutton - which sounds high and uncomfortable - but it's just perfect.  No rolling, bunching, or pinching...not the least bit constricting. The price is a bit steep at $34, but in this case, I feel you get what you pay for. This is especially true for someone as picky as I am :)  Plus, as long as I take care of them properly I am sure I will get a long life out of them.  OK, I'll stop rambling about them now!

DEPT Dress, Ann Taylor Blazer, Jacobies Shoes via Joyce Leslie, Ring from Metropark

On to the dress.  I love this dress! It's a great way to cheat at mixing prints, since they are already mixed in the piece.  Plus, it's a great way to see what sort of prints work together when you want to try mixing separates.  

At first I threw on the faux leather jacket I wore the other day, but I went with the blazer to keep the overall look less tough, if you know what I was a bit overkill with the tights and shoes.  I'm thinking I will save it for the warmer weather when I can go bare legged.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Outfit Post: Repeater

Romeo & Juliet Couture Faux Leather Jacket via Loehmanns, Crash & Burn Sweatshirt, James Jeans (Randi) 

I was so excited to wear these shoes I got during last week's shopping adventure.  Truth be told, I wore this exact outfit two days in a row.  I did change my scarf (and my underwear) though. :) Plus the ring and the socks didn't enter the mix until day two.

I love this jacket too, also purchased during last weeks shopping trip.  For the price ($60) and the fact that it's faux, it's looks damn good.  Definitely a good find, thank you G.

On a random note: These bangs of mine are a blessing and a curse.  It's wonderful that I can still look polished and put together when I pull my hair into a ponytail - but the problem is, I have gotten lazier, and have been putting my hair into said ponytail much more often than I'd like.

I still don't understand why the only pictures I like are those where I look so serious/angry...

Loveappella Tank, NYC Wholesaler Scarf, Ring from Metropark

I picked up this ring for $5 the other day.  So what if it's a little too tight and turns my finger green?  It's rad.

Jacobies shoes via Joyce Leslie, Charlotte Russe Socks

Ahhh...the shoes. My favorite thing, and the inspiration for the look.  They were a damn good purchase for only $25. Love the look of them, they happen to be super comfortable, and the best part? All those's a trick. They actually close with velcro!  Who knew velcro could be so sexy!

I was a bit disappointed in the socks. I was all about them to shield me from the cold, and they were the perfect alternative to layering with tights (it was feeling to constricting).  Unfortunately, they were a little too dark - the texture didn't show as much as I would have liked.  It doesn't seem so bad up close, but the minute you step back they just looked like black tights.  Oh well.

So have you gotten anything new in the last few days that you are just head over heels in love with?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Beauty Tip: Banish Dark Circles

Buy Sally Hansen & Carmindy All Over Brightener at CVS

First let me just say, I purchased this product on my own, and am so pleased with it I wanted to share it with all of you! 
I did not receive any compensation from the company or anyone else to review this item.

Like many women, I have been battling dark circles for as long as I can remember.  Although it is true I never get quite as much sleep as I should, I naturally have dark eyes, both underneath and on my lid. (I blame my Italian heritage for this)

I am by no means a beauty expert, or a junkie for that matter, but I am always looking for the perfect concealer to mask those dark under eye circles. I have tried so many different products, in all different price points, and none have worked as well as this one. 

I first learned of this product on What Not To Wear, during  Carmindy's make up session.  (Obvi, because the product is a collaboration between Sally Hansen and Carmindy.)  I was skeptical in the beginning because it's purple, and well so are my circles.  It didn't make much sense to me, but I decided to give it a chance anyway because it was so inexpensive. I am so glad I did!

The product itself is super silky to the touch, goes on smoothly and a little goes a long way.  I use it on top of my regular concealer.  It adds brightness, reflects the light, and makes my darkness disappear.  Plus the "Natural ingredients including sunflower, mango butter, and papaya help smooth, retexturize, and revitalize the skin."  It's always a bonus when the makeup you use can actually doing something good for your skin as well.

If you want to try it out for yourself you can get a coupon here.

Do any of you suffer from the same problem?  Have you tried this product?  What is your favorite way to cover up those pesky dark circles? 

Friday, January 21, 2011

For the Lucky Ones...

If you are currently living in a warm weather climate - you should be wearing these shoes :)  Sadly they are completely out of my price range, but everything else on the page is affordable.  I've done some searching but have yet to find anything similar at an affordable price point...a girl can dream.

Neon Dreams

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shopping Adventure

Yesterday I decided I wanted to do a little shopping.  There are definitely some key pieces missing (like basics other than a t-shirt) in my wardrobe - and it was about time to fill them.  I started off in Loehmann's, (I didn't want to spend a lot of money - but I still wanted quality) and was pretty disappointed.  It seemed like everything they had was an open cardigan, and I definitely do not need another one of those.

My boyfriend pointed out this faux leather jacket, and I was instantly intrigued.  I've been wanting a leather, somehow I don't own one, but I was being too cheap to buy one.  I figured this would be perfect, but at a price of $60, and it not being on my list, I decided against it.      

The next stop was Joyce Leslie.  It's always good when you don't want to spend a lot of money - but being fast fashion it isn't always of the best quality.  Despite all that, things were looking up as I walked through finding numerous tops to try on.

Of course I walked through the shoe department, and after much deliberation I decided to take home those sexy shoes shown above.  I wasn't completely sold on them, but I figured I would take them home, try them on with some things in my closet and make the final decision later.  All the deliberation was really pretty ridiculous considering they were only $25...I mean really, let's be serious!  Even if I only wear them 5 times, it's a $5 shoe! So, should I keep them or what?

As I headed toward the fitting room I found a gray blazer with some silver fibers in it - on sale for $15 it was a must have!  Once in the fitting room I tried everything on only to be completely disappointed again.

After our little adventure we headed home and had some dinner.  I started trying different outfits on with the shoes, and couldn't get that jacket out of my head.  So, a half hour before the store was closing I got dressed and ran out to buy it.  I knew if I waited it wouldn't be there and I would live to regret it. What a schmuck!

When all was said and done, although I didn't accomplish what I set out to do I still did pretty good.  A blazer, shoes and a jacket all for $100.  They are all great pieces and will prove to be valuable additions to my wardrobe.  I can pretty much justify any purchase :)

Stay tuned next week to see how I work these new pieces into my wardrobe.

Do you ever do that?  Go shopping with something specific in mind and end up with everything but?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Leather Tough

Almost Famous Cargo Pants, Michael Stars Tee, Raj Scarf, Lyla Black Leather Blazer, Cole Haan Shoes

The last time I wore these cargo pants, I paired it with a cape sweater that has military type buttons to play up the theme.  This time around I wanted to go a bit more edgy, and the leather blazer was the perfect way to do this.  Plus, a blazer (or any jacket) always make an outfit feel more put together.  I paired it with a simple black tee, and added my favorite leopard scarf to add some color. I skipped the heels because I was going to spending my day at the office where I am constantly dressing and undressing a mannequin, and flats make it so much easier to work.  A pair of platform pumps would definitely take this look to the next level though.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wear this Trend: The Wide Leg Jean

Free People Sweater, Hudson Jeans, Raj Scarf, Michael Stars Tee, Aldo Shoes

I was looking through some old outfit pictures (pre-bangs) and I came across this one that was never published. It was one of those days when nothing seemed to be going right, but when I look at it now - I don't hate it. So, I am sharing it with you. (Despite the fact that I have a bit of a Zoolander face going on.)

I've had these Hudson wide leg jeans for a couple of years, and I absolutely love them. Wide and flare leg jeans are one of those things, along with leopard print, that I wear whether or not they are considered to be on trend. I think it's important we wear things that make us feel good, no matter what the fashion world is saying about them at the moment.

A common misconception about wide leg jeans is that shorter woman cannot wear them, and this is absolutely untrue.  In actuality they have the ability to make you look taller!

Here are a few things to keep in mind to get the best look:

 - The length of the jean should fall about a 1/4" from the floor. 
     You can't even see my shoes.  Make sure you keep them cute though for when you sit down :)
      (Learn more about inseams and denim in My Denim Dictionary III)
 - Make sure you crotch is showing. 
     Sounds silly, but it's a great trick to lengthen your leg line, no matter what kind of pants you are wearing.

 - Wear a shoe that fills in the entire open space of the hem
     Basically, you'll want to wear a wedge, platform, something substantial that doesn't get lost.  More specifically I suggest you shy away from anything that has a pointy toe, unless it is a platform.

How do you feel about Wide Leg Jeans?  Have any other advice to add on how to wear them?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Brighten Up Your Winter Wardrobe With Pops of Color

Brighten Up Your Winter Wardrobe

Shimmer Sweater, $100
Oak Tweed Coat, 95 GBP
Metallic wool-blend pencil skirt, $78
Brian Atwood Maniac patent-leather platform pumps, $535
Coral Leather Lock Handle Bag, $110
Chan Luu - Brown Mix Short Necklace (Brown Mix) - Jewelry, $120
Nordstrom Lined Leather Gloves, $60

Usually by this time of year we are sick and tired of our winter wardrobes (that we were once so excited for) and are ready for Spring.  Unfortunately we still have a couple of months before the temperatures raise, but in the meantime we can easily perk up our wardrobes by adding in pops of those spring colors we love.

The look above started with those lime patent pumps from Brian Atwood.  I was instantly drawn to the unexpected color, and knew they were going to serve as the inspiration for this post.  Since the price is a bit out of my league, I made sure to keep all the other pieces in the look more accessible.  The coral handbag serves as another pop of much needed color - and I am infatuated with the way the colors work together.  

What makes these pieces so great is the muted color.  Yes they are bright, but no so much so that they will look out of place in the colder months.  This allows you to keep them in your wardrobe rotation all year round, so you are sure to get tons of use out of them.  

What do you do to brighten up your look during the drab winter days?

Stay warm!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Get the Look for Less: Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney Spring 2011
Stella McCartney
Floral Dress Stella McCartney

While perusing the web, I saw an advertisement for Stella McCartney's site.  Of course I clicked through, and once I got there I fell in love with the two dresses above from her Spring collection.  They reminded me of the floral Anthropologie dress I posted the other day.  That particular dress I got a few years ago, so it's no longer available - but I rounded up a few options that you can get right now, without the hefty Stella McCartney price tag. If you're lucky enough to be able to afford the real thing - I'm jelly :)  

Get the Look for Less: Stella McCartney Spring 2011

Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Floral-print satin-jersey dress, $450
Elie Tahari 'Malia' Metallic Silk Sheath Dress, $298
Maxmara dresses IVORY, 268 GBP
Grey Floral Zip Back Dress, $70
Black Rose Open Back Dress, 45 GBP
Green floral knit dress, 25 GBP

P.S. Don't want to wait until Spring to wear these fabulous floral frocks?  Throw on some heavy tights and a chunky knit cardigan or layer a long sleeve tee underneath and you're good to go for the wicked winter.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rachel Zoe's Debut Contemporary Collection (From WWD)

Image via WWD

Everyday when I wake up, the first thing I do is pick up my phone and check my email.  I can always count on finding something exciting to start my day, and today was no exception!  I was super excited this morning to see an email from Women's Wear Daily titled: Rachel Zoe, Mother of Invention: WWD Fashion Flash.

Image via WWD

Here it is - the "debut of a signature collection."  I personally am so excited to finally see the product of her imagination.

At a price point of $200 - $700 they tell WWD the line is expected to hang with other contemporary greats such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang. Although this line may be out of reach for many, she does already have a lower priced line with QVC: Accessorizing with Rachel Zoe.  Hopefully she will expand that line for the masses, because really how many fur vests can one person own? :)

Image via WWD

The new line is absolutely gorgeous, but who would really expect anything less.  It's definitely more tailored than I would expect from Rachel Zoe, but on the flip side it has just the right amount of 70's flair, which is unmistakably Rachel.

Image via WWD

Seeing the looks featured in the WWD article, so far there is nothing I don't like.  I have always been a fan of a tuxedo for a woman.  It's super chic and wonderfully powerful.  Wide leg pants are pretty much always in my rotation whether they are considered a current trend or not, and jackets have always been a bit of an obsession of mine.  Overall I think the line is polished and sophisticated with great attention to detail.  I can't wait to get my hands on something.

What do you think about the new line?

Oh, and by the way - Rachel and Rodger are having a boy!  I bet Rodger is so excited, finally he will have someone on his side!

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Mid- Winter Cleaning

Normally the complete overhaul of your closet and home is saved for the beginning of Spring - but I decided the beginning of the New Year would be just as appropriate.

The last week I have spent cleaning, organizing and purging items throughout my apartment.  I was literally in sweatpants and a t-shirt everyday, so as you can imagine I didn't take any outfit pics.  

Image via
I have to say it is amazing how much stuff one can pack into a studio apartment.  I am glad I no longer have, that much crap.  It was quite liberating to let go of so many things - and I know at the end of March when it's time to pack up and move it will be much easier :)

If you're getting ready to do some de-cluttering of your own, here's a list of things you should throw out (donate) immediately! 

- Anything you haven't worn within the last year or matter what your reasoning for it. 

- Your "fat" clothes.  Every woman is guilty of having an array of sizes in our closet for all of our weight fluctuations.  Here's a tip, if you don't have the larger sizes to move into as your gain weight, you'll be sure to cut back as soon as your current clothes get a little tight.  Still can't part with them, take them to the tailor and get them altered to the right size.

- Reverse fit jeans.  You know, looser on the top and tapered at the ankle. These should have all been thrown out years ago, but I figured I'd throw it in there, just in case.

- Sheer stockings.  Ladies it's 2011, the rules of covered legs do not apply anymore.  Go bare, or dark, textured etc.  I promise, no matter the quality, they do not look natural.  Worried about blemishes on your legs?  Get a tinted moisturizer, it will give you a hint of color, even out your skin tone and mask blemishes.

-White pumps...yes I know, the 80's are having a moment right now, but white pumps, they must be put to rest forever.  Replace them with a nude pump...these will blend into your foot giving you a fabulous long leg line, and they go with everything!  For white, stick to a strappy sandal, wedge, or wooden slide.

-Any items that look worn.  Faded, stretched out, or has holes in it.  If you have a piece that you really love that has a rip or tear it doesn't hurt to take it to a tailor and see if it can be fixed.

-Oversized t-shirts, sweats, etc.  I promise you, wearing oversized and baggy clothes does not make you look thinner, you are not hiding under them...they are adding bulk and making you look larger.  Read more about this here

- Scrunchies - do I even need to explain this one?

- Anything that does not fit and flatter...having trouble deciding if a particular item does this?  No worries!  Take a picture and email it to me.  I'll not only let you know whether it's flattering or not, but I'll also explain why so you can make better choices in the future!

Happy Cleaning!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

You Can't Always Get What You Want

But if you try sometimes - You just might find - You Get What You Need...

And a lot of the time - all we need - is a little bit of inspiration:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tights Not Included

               Infinity scarf from a NYC wholesaler, dress worn as tunic from Anthropologie (yrs ago),                                  James jeans, Sanctuary jacket, and Aldo shoes 

I rarely wear tights - couldn't really tell you why, they just aren't my thing...but I still want to be able wear my favorite dresses when it's cold outside.  So, instead I regularly wear dresses with pants or jeans.  In this case I took a skinny hip belt (that you can't see) to create a tunic.  This actually accomplishes a few different things.  First it shortens the dress (obvi), then it helps to conceal the tummy :) (much needed for so many of us ladies), and it helps to create a waistline to lengthen the leg line.  

I look best in brighter and more saturated colors, so the scarf was an easy way to bring some color closer to face since the dress itself is a bit softer and muted.  Plus, it kept me nice and toasty. 

Cross Body Bag by Tano (Sample Sale)

Then I added the fur coat and the leather cross body to add some more texture. I always love the the look of a long top and a short jacket.  It's a good way to add the look of more layers, without being overly bulky.  In addition to the texture of the bag I absolutely love the luggage color and the way it adds to the vintage feel of the dress.  Lastly, my army green peep toe pumps.  They are fabulous, and I love them - and that's all I have to say!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Beginnings

Image via Forest Wander

It may not be warm enough for new blooms, but with the new year, comes new beginnings. 

Twenty ten came and went, and what a crazy year it's been!  It's almost hard to believe all the things that have happened and how much my life has changed.  I closed my boutique, my friend least likely to become a Mom did just that, and my Mother started a new life. (That's the short version)

With twenty eleven upon us it's inevitable more change will come...and I couldn't be more excited.

Sometimes change can be scary, and we can spend so much time wishing things were the way they once were.  I know I am definitely guilty of remembering when and wishing I could go back.  Although I hold all those memories dear, I am also anxious to experience what is to come! 

The thing about change is, until you embrace it, you miss out on all the wonderful things that it can bring.  The more time you spend thinking about how things were, or how they could of been you delay the possibility of fabulous new experiences.  Closing my store for instance was bittersweet.  There are so many reasons why I made that decision, too many to talk about here, but I no longer look at it as the end of something, but as the beginning of the next chapter.  It was an amazing experience, and a priceless education; but now, being free of it gives me the opportunity to spread my wings and create new experiences! That is exactly what I intend to do this year!

The first adventure I have planned?  I've already mentioned this - it's a move - a big one - location to be announced ;)

So, what new adventures do you see for yourself this year?